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West Bengal Chief Minister Shrimati Mamta Banerjee is always middle East many popular schemes related to farmers. One of the most successful and popular scheme which is basically a financial support scheme for the farmer is known as Krishak Bandhu. This is also known as Krishka Bondhu. Because this is a West Bengal State scheme so the most used language is Bengali. In this article we will tell you the complete detail of krishak Bandhu prakalpa 2020. And also tell you how this scheme affect the farmer income and used for their betterment.

WB Krishak Bandhu Name List 2020

So dear farmers the WB krishak Bandhu prakalpa is started by the state agriculture labour and farmer department. The main aim of the scheme is to provide agricultural aid to the farmer with insurance to the whole family of farmer. So this is basically two in one scheme in which financial aid as well as family insurance is provided. West Bengal is one of the biggest state of in India. Of capital of West Bengal is Kolkata.

It is one of the biggest city in India. Huge number of farmers are belong to West Bengal State. Now a days everyone is concerned about the farmer. II II uplift farmer condition Central Government as well as State Government both are working on farmer. Central Government Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is one of the most popular scheme in which 6000 rupees will be e given by the the central government to every farmer. State government also working on many schemes in which they will provide a financial stability to improve the life hood and lifestyle of farmer.

Krishak Bandhu Prakalpa

The krishak Bandhu scheme is also provide financial support to the landless agricultural labour. In this article we will tell you how you can check the beneficiary list of krishak Bandhu scheme. In this article you can check out WB Krishak Bandhu Name List 2020 procedure. We also tell you how you can find out the krishak Bandhu application status as well as cheque List. This all information is available on the official website. So farmer need to visit the official portal and check out the status as well as beneficiary list. Under the krishak Bandhu scheme farmers those are having land of of 1 acre or more than that, they will get 5000 rupees per year with minimum 2000 rupees per year assistance Pro Rata basis. This financial support will be given for both Rabi and kharif seasons.

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Krishak Bandhu Name List 2020

One of the Other benefit of WB krishak Bandhu scheme is is in case of death of any farmer, state government will give them a financial support of 200000 rupees. To take this benefit family need to verify the farmer details with the krishak Bandhu details. After the all information will be matched the department of krishak Bandhu will provide this information to the state and district cooperative banks for the direct benefit disbursement. A separate personalised krishak Bandhu digital smart card is also made by the government and distributed to the farmers. These card will allowed them to take benefit of this scheme in future.

Key point of the scheme

Department of Agriculture and West bengal government it started krishak Bandhu prakalpa. This is west Bengal assured financial assistance scheme for the household families of farmers lived in West Bengal State. This is specially a single benefit scheme in which financial support as well as farmer family insurance both will be included.

  1. Objective of krishak Bandhu scheme:- the main objective of the scheme is to develop agriculture sector via helping farmers those live under below poverty line. Help of the scheme their financial status will be increase and will work uh better on their crop productivity without any worry about their family.
  2. Financial support:- under the scheme the West Bengal government will provide a financial support of 5,000 rupees per acer every year to the farmer.
  3. Crop assistance:- State government will give 2500 rupees twice a year at the time of crop production like Rabi and kharif.
  4. Krishak Bandhu farmer insurance:- one of the Other benefit is is government will provide a life insurance with this scheme. This is one of the addon. Under this scheme government will provide a financial compensation of 200000 rupees in case of farmer death. Any farmer whose age age is in between 18 to 60 year will get this insurance amount.
  5. Total number of beneficiaries:- there are total 72 lakh farmers and agricultural labour will get direct benefit of the krishak Bandhu prakalpa.
  6. Benefit amount transfer:- if anyone is eligible to take benefit of krishak Bandhu scheme, then he will get the compensation amount that is 200000 rupees within the 15 days  after the death of any farmer.

West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Eligibility Criteria

  1. The basic eligibility criteria is any farmer who want to apply is the permanent resident of West Bengal State.other state farmers are not allowed to take benefit of krishak Bandhu scheme.
  2. This scheme is specially for the the state farmers and agricultural labour.
  3. Any farmer who want to enroll themselves for the krishak Bandhu prakalpa age criteria is is necessary for them. The age of farmer is in between 18 to 60 year. In case you want to take compensation then this age criteria will be followed.
  4. Applicant farmer have their identity proof like Aadhaar card, voter ID card or ration card.
  5. To take benefit of this scheme, you need to provide your bank details like account number, iFSC code and Bank name extra.

Krishak Bandhu Prakalpa Name List 2020

  1. To check out the beneficiary of Krishak Bandhu Name list 2020, you need to visit the official portal.
  2. When you reach on the official portal you will see many options in which you need to search the the beneficiary name list.
  3. On the official website you need to login this website.
  4. For login you need to enter your username and password and then click on the login button.
  5. After login you will see the the all WB krishak Bandhu name list 2020.

Krishak Bandhu Application Status

If you already register for this scheme then you can check out the krishak Bandhu application status. To check this you need to visit the official portal. One thing we will tell you that right now there is 4228492 number of farmers already register for this scheme.

  1. When you reach on the official portal you need to click on the registered farmer information for search your application status.
  2. After that a login page will be open in front of your screen. You need to enter the username and password and then check out the application status.
  3. In this status you will see that your application for krishak Bandhu is accepted or rejected or the status is show you pending.

WB Krishak Bandhu Cheque List

You already know that, the West Bengal krishak Bandhu prakalpa is a financial assistance scheme for the farmers. Only those farmers are eligible for this scheme they are having a land ownership of 1 acer or more than that. So this farmer will get a financial support of 5000 rupees yearly with two equal installments. 1 installment of rupees 2500 for the Rabi fasal and second installment is 2500 rupees for kharif fasal. So any farmer who want to check the krishak Bandhu cheque list, any to visit the official portal and login this portal. On this website venue login, they will give you the brief information about cheque distribution details.

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Krishak bandhu Toll Free helpline number

  • Call No:- 8336957370
  • inquiry Email ID:- krishak.bandhu@ingreens.in