Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu 2020 Form pdf Online

Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu 2020 Form pdf | Free Sewing Machine Scheme in Tamilnadu | Free Tailoring Machine Scheme in Tamilnadu | Free Suppy of Sewing Machine in Tamil Nadu |

Update – Applicants can submit the sewing machine scheme form to District Welfare Officer. To Take the benefit of this scheme applicants need to hurry. In this scheme physically challenged men can also apply along with women. Scheme form pdf downloading link is available in the article below. Scheme official website is

For the welfare of women in the State, Tamil Nadu State government has launched a new scheme.  This scheme is known by the name Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu 2020. This scheme has been launched in the State with the help of Central government. Scheme is also termed as Free Sewing Machine Scheme and Free Tailoring Machine Scheme. Names may be different by it has same purpose and hat is to make women grow.

Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu
Tamilnadu Free Sewing Machine Scheme

State government wants to empower State women by offering them self-employment. As employment will bring money and which ultimately brings confidence. Scheme will also encourage other women towards employment. This scheme is for only poor women of the State. Women with stitching skill will get the benefit of this scheme. They need sill proof to apply for this scheme.

As once someone said if a women earns in the family, it is always guarantee that the family will grow. This scheme will provide them the opportunity to earn money. As we all know the price of stitching clothes are not that low. So women will be able to earn money by stitching clothes. They can use these machines in this purpose. Money can be utilized in making household better. These will at least double the income of family.

Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu Free Sewing Machine Scheme provides a great opportunity to the State women to start their own business. As mentioned many times before, under this scheme women will get free sewing machine from government. For this, they have to apply for this scheme. They can apply for this scheme by filling scheme application form. Applicants also have to attach documents with the application form.

In this article we will provide you information about how you can apply for this Tamilnadu Free Sewing Scheme 2020. Who are eligible for this scheme? What is the Objective of This scheme. What kind of documents a person need to apply for this scheme? Where can you get the application form of this scheme?  All these questions have been answered in this article. To know all about these answers you have to read this article till the end.

Other then Tamil Nadu this scheme has been launched in many States of our Country. In which Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka are some States. This scheme is in its first phase and after implementation in these selected States, this scheme will be launched in rest of the Country. To improve the condition and Stature of the women in the society government is launching various welfare schemes for women.

Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu
Tamilnadu Free Sewing Machine Scheme

Our country is far lacking behind in the boy : girl ratio. That is mainly because of the foeticide of girl child. As many people in the country and mostly rural and poor people still thinks girls as burden. Thus the conditions of women in terms of economically and socially are not that great. To improve this condition an to make women more independent and confident State government is launching this scheme.

Tamilnadu Free Tailoring Machine Scheme 2020

This Scheme Name Free Tailoring Scheme/ Free Silai Machine / Free Sewing Machine
Scheme Inaugurated By Central & State government
Scheme Beneficiaries Poor Women of the State who have skill
Benefit of Scheme Free tailoring/sewing Machine
Objective of Scheme To make socio-economic condition of women better,
How to Apply Online
This Article Contains Free Sewing Machine Tamilnadu Application Form
Launched In year 2020

Scheme will help women to earn money and run their livelihood. As, this scheme is only meant for the skilled poor women this will also encourage other women to learn skills. This will lead to more skill women in the State and country. This will help in developing our country. Women are almost half the population of our country and because they are lacking behind due to many social reasons. This is stopping our country to grow in our full potential. As soon as women will get more independent, it will lead to better growth of our country.

Under this scheme, women between the age group of 20 to 40 can apply for it. Once they fulfil the eligibility criteria they can apply in this scheme. After applying in this scheme, authorities will check the application form and verify all the information and documents. After the verification the free sewing machines will be distributed to the beneficiaries. The applying process in this scheme is very simple an have been explained in article below.

Free Silai Machine Scheme Tamilnadu Objective

  1. The objective of this scheme is to help women grow in the society.
  2. Other objective is to make women more independent, confident and empowered.
  3. This scheme also aims towards making society see women in different light.
  4. As seeing women grow, other women will come forward.
  5. More women will start leaning various skills.
  6. Scheme aims to help women financially.

Tamilnadu Free Sewing Machine Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  1. This scheme is only for the permanent resident of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Scheme is only for the poor or economically weaker section family.
  3. Women belong to EWS or BPL families are eligible for this scheme.
  4. Those women belong to family with monthly income less than Rs 12,000/- are eligible for this scheme.
  5. Women must be at least 20 years of age and maximum of 40 years of age to apply for this scheme.
  6. This scheme is only for the women with sewing skills.
  7. Women working as labour can also apply in this scheme.

Required Documents

  1. Women Age Proof.
  2. Recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant Women
  3. Applicant Women family Income Proof
  4. Aadhar card of Applicant Women
  5. Applicant Women Sewing Skill Certificate
  6. Mobile/ Phone Number of Applicant
  7. Applicant Signature
  8. Widow Proof (if applicable)
  9. Handicapped Certificate (if any)
  10. Applicant Women Caste Certificate (if any)

Free Sewing Machine Scheme Tamilnadu 2020 Form pdf Online

  1. Applicant women can apply for this scheme by filling its application form.
  2. Scheme application form is available online and can be downloaded from official website.
  3. To go to the Scheme official website click on this link.
  4. As you click on this link you will enter into the official website home page.
  5. There look for the option of “Application Form for the Free Supply of Sewing Machines”.
  6. Once you found this option, click on it.
  7. Then you will get the option to download the application form pdf file.
  8. After this download and save the application form pdf.
  9. You can also download application form pdf directly from this link.
  10. Then take the print out of the form.
  11. After this fill the form with every detail such as name, mobile number, age, address etc.
  12. Then attach documents mentioned in the form.
  13. After this attach you passport size photo and put your signature or thumb mark inthe form.
  14. Then submit this form to your nearest office.

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