[SKY] Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat 2020 Application Form pdf

Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat 2020 | Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Application Form pdf | SKY Yojana Gujarat how to apply, Contact Number, Official Website, In Gujarati Language.

Gujarat state government launches Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana in 2018 for the state farmers. This scheme is specially launched for those areas in which electricity availability is very less. Everyone knows that in India the consumption of electricity is much higher than its production. So there is always lack of electricity in the rural areas of India. Gujarat is one of the state in which huge electricity cuts are always happen in day as well in night. To overcome this problem Gujarat government start a new initiative that is Surya Shakti Kisan yojana. This scheme is officially launched on 2nd of July 2018. After the launch of the scheme government will make a target that they will give benefit of this scheme up to 12,400 farmers in this year. After that this number will be increase year by year, with the increase in budget.

Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana

This scheme is also known as SKY. This is the short form of Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana 2020. The main and important key point to start the scheme is to encourage the farmers about solar panel installation. Under the scheme state government will install the complete setup of solar panel with its system. With the help of the solar panel it will generate electricity, and it will overcome the issue of electricity shortage. Officially this scheme is started in the month of July 2018 by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijay Rupani. CM told in their press conference our main motto is to encourage all the farmers to install solar panel under the scheme. Those who will be interested to install solar panel, government will give them financial support also. Gujarat government will give solar panel subsidy in all the 33 districts of Gujarat state. This scheme is specially started for the farmers of state.

Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana
Scheme NameSurya Shakti Kisan Yojana
Scheme Category Gujarat government schemes
Official launch of the scheme2nd July 2018
Scheme inaugurated by CM Vijay Rupani
Motto of the schemeInstalls solar system to increase the production of electricity
BenefitsFarmer income increase
Budget for the Scheme870 crore rupees

Surya shakti kisan yojana gujarat objectives

  1. The main objective to start this scheme is to to convince state farmers to install solar panel setup up in their field. If any farmer wants to install this system, then government wills subsidy as well as financial support also.
  2. With the help of this scheme, electricity shortage percentage will be decrease. So everyone will get 24×7 electricity.
  3. With this scheme government make an estimate that if every farmer will connect them with this scheme, and then they will generate 175 megawatt electricity every year. So this is a great initiative to decrease electricity shortage in upcoming years.
  4. This is also a very good source of conservation of energy. Because the electricity which is produced is from sunlight at it is totally free of cost. So there is no extra cost you have to pay after installation.

Benefits Of Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana

  1. After the installation of solar system in farmer house or field, then they will use this electricity for their daily use. So show the monthly electricity cost is zero for every farmer.
  2. The surplus electricity which is produced by the farmer solar panel, they will sell this electricity to government. So this will increase the income of farmers also.
  3. Government will buy electricity from farmers at a rate of 7 rupees per unit. This 7 rupees per unit charges will be applicable for 7 years. After 7 years government will buy electricity from farmers at a rate of of 3.5 rupees per unit for next 18 years.
  4. According to Gujarat government, the electricity which is produced by farmer solar panel, they all need 26% electricity from the total production. Remaining 74% electricity they will sold to government and increase their monthly income.

Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Solar Panel Installation Subsidy

  1. If you make your mind to install a solar panel under Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat, then you need to know the total expense at subsidy regarding installation.
  2. In this scheme farmer need to pay only 5% of the total cost of project. State government will give subsidy of 60% of the total cost. The remaining 35%, farmer need to take as a loan from Bank.

Interest rate

The amount that you will take from bank as a loan (35%) the interest rate on this amount is 4.5 percent to 6%. It so the loan you will get from Bank, government also gives you subsidy on that loan.

Total budget for the scheme

Gujarat state government will continue this scheme for 25 years. This 25 year duration will be divided into two parts. In which first seven years will be the first half and the second half is the next 18 years. For this whole project government will sanction a budget of 8 70 crore rupees.

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Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Application form

Farmers, you are interested in the Gujarat state surya Shakti Kisan Yojana, then you need to fill the application form first. This application form is available on our website also. So you can download this application form and feel this application form with your credentials like your name and other details, which are required in the application form.

Download application form:- Click Here

After fill the application form you need to submit this application form.

Scheme G.R:- Check Here

SKY Scheme Parishit G Sanchalan Samati Formation: – Check Here

Official circular for implementation Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana: Download Here

This is the complete information about Gujarat Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana 2020 which is also known as SKY. After fill the application form you need to submit this in the respected place which is mentioned in the application form. You can also check the Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana contact number if you have any query regarding this scheme. Other than that official website of this scheme is also mentioned in our portal which is translated in Gujarati language. So if you didn’t know any language except Gujarati, then you can visit this website and check out all the details of this Scheme.