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POCRA Yojana Village List 2020 | Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana List 2020 | Maharashtra POCRA DBT Yadi | dbt.mahapocra.gov.in | pocra scheme village list 2020-2021.

POCRA is the project of Maharashtra state. This project is mainly for the farmers of Maharashtra to get prepare for the climate change and water scarcity which may affect their crops. This scheme is very helpful for the poor farmers of Maharashtra and this scheme has been implemented in the selected areas of Maharashtra. This scheme helps the farmers to grow crops in a new method and helps them to get more profit. Today’s farmer faced many problems like the production cost of crop is very high and the profit is very low as sometimes due to low production of crop.

POCRA Yojana

There are also a variations and fluctuations in the price of crops. Due to lack of market place and agri-business opportunities the farmers are forced to take some wrong steps like suicide. The land degradation and climate change may also be the biggest problem of farmer. To make the farmer get rid out of these problems the government of Maharashtra in collaboration with World Bank has initialize a project called Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture (PoCRA).This project enhance the climate resilience in the selected districts of Maharashtra.

POCRA Yojana Village List
POCRA Yojana Village List

Number of Districts and Villages chosen for PoCRA

Initially the government is planning to implement this scheme in 500 villages and 15 districts of Maharashtra states and after successful implementation it will implemented to rest of districts.

About the project:

This project mainly focuses on make agriculture climate resilience by different testing technologies and practices. The PIP-Projects implementation Plan describes that this projects has been divided into 5 sections.

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First Section: – In this section the project will promoter the climate resilience agriculture and provide guidelines to the farmers to strengthen the capacity of small farmers to modify the production systems.

First section includes the following planning’s.

  1. Planning for Mini-Watershed
  2. Smart Agriculture and farming system according to climate.
  3. Best and efficient use of water for agriculture

Second Section: – This section focuses on post-harvest management and value chain promotion.

Second section includes following planning’s:

  1. Promotion of farmer promoting Companies, Farmer Promoting Organizations and Farmer Interest Groups.
  2. Self–Help groups and Farmer help groups are intimating to open the Custom Hiring Centers for the welfare of farmers.
  3. Supply of climate resilient seeds has been done on fast pace .Maharashtra state Seed Corporation (Mahabeej) and FPO are instructed to promote the production of such seeds and creation of new seed hubs.

Third Section :-Development of Institutes for training, knowledge and Policies for Climate resilient agriculture.

Third section includes following plannings

  1. The capacity development programs will be conducted by VANAMATI (VasantraoNaik State Agriculture Extension Management Training Institute) , RAMETI (Regional Agriculture Extension Management Training Institute) and KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kender).
  2. Climate Innovation Center has been developed in the state for innovative ideas, services and analysis.

Fourth Section: Project Management and monitoring of project and create evaluation report and tracking process.

Fourth section includes following plannings.

  1. There is a creation of High level steering committee and Project Technical advisory committee which gives project activities, Work Plan, budgets and technical solutions during the implementation of plan.
  2. A project management unit is created for the implementation of the project which is headed by project director for guidance.
  3. At the field level the Sub Divisional Agriculture Officers is responsible for all activities in his cluster.

Fifth Section: -It covers Financial framework,Procurement policy,environment policy.

Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana Maharashtra is also comes under PoCRA yojana. Under this scheme the areas of Maharashtra which have water crisis and drought areas has been taken care of. This scheme helps to increase the income of farmer and helps them to live good life.

This scheme will be beneficiary for the poor and small farmers of the state. The total budget of this scheme is approximate Rs.4000 crores and this scheme is implemented with the collaboration of Maharashtra government and World Bank. Under this scheme the soil quality has been checked and different plans have been created to increase the production quality of the soil.

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Eligibility Criteria of POCRA Yojana

  1. This scheme is only for the farmers who are the residence of Maharashtra.
  2. This scheme is only for the poor, small and middle class farmers. 

Documents required

  1. Updated Aadhar card.
  2. Valid Certificate of residence.
  3. Passport size photo.

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POCRA Yojana Village List 2020

  1. Go to the official website of PoCRA ,URL is https://dbt.mahapocra.gov.in/
  2. On the Home page you will see various section Like Farmers, Community, FPO/FPC/FIG/SHG and POCRA Officials.
  3. You need to click on the Login Button in the POCRA Farmers Section.
  4. If you didn’t register your self for “Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana” then click on the register button.
  5. Then enter your details like name, and address.
  6. If you want to download or check POCRA Yojana Village List then click on the login button.
  7. Now a New page will be open and you need to enter your credentials. In this Add your Aadhaar number and click on send otp button.
  8. Now you will get a OTP ON your phone. Enter this OTP in https://dbt.mahapocra.gov.in/ portal. and then click on login botton.
  9. Now you will see the pocra village list in witch you can check pocra dbt information.

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