PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form 2020 Download Pik Vima List / Yadi

PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form 2020 | Pik Vima List / Yadi Download | PIK Nuksan Bharpai Status | Pradhanmantri Pik Vima Yadi 2020 In Marathi | pik nuksan bharpai list Maharashtra pdf.

The Government of India has launched PIK Nuksaan Bharpai Scheme also called Pardhanmantri Bima Yojna for their most important pillar of the Country that are farmers .This scheme is first implemented by the Maharashtra Government in their state. Mainly this is an agriculture crop insurance which helps the farmers during the time of disaster when all of their crops are destroyed. The crops of the farmers are fully insured under PIK Nuksan Bharpai Scheme.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form 2020

This is a tremendous step taken by Prime Minister Narender Modi for the better life of farmers because every year so many farmers suicide as their crops are destroyed they are under the pressure of persons from whom they took loan for their crops. This scheme insured the farmer and improves their livelihood. This scheme is fully paid insurance scheme by government and private insurance companies’ .In last 6 years over 15356 farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra due to failure of crop.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form
PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form

The 70 percent population of India depends upon the agriculture.  There are so many schemes launched by Maharashtra govt. in favour of farmers every year.

Main and Attractive Points of PIK Nuksan Bharpai Scheme:-

  1. The name of this Scheme is Pardhanmantri PIK Nuksaan Vima Yojana.
  2. This scheme is announced by PM Narender Modi.
  3. This scheme is first implemented by Maharashtra govt.
  4. Mainly this scheme focuses on crop insurance of farmers. The crops of farmers are fully insured under this scheme either it may destroyed by any of natural disaster.
  5. Farmers can apply for this scheme in online mode by accessing the website of Maharashtra govt. (Krishi Vibhag Maharashtra Shasan)
  6. Total Compensation decided by the government is INR 4205 crores.
  7. Number of Beneficiaries covered in this scheme is 82.50 lakh.
  8. This scheme is only for the farmers of India. 
  9. This compensation is only for the two main crops –Kharif and Ravi

Compensation provided under this Yojana:-

  1. If the farmer died due to the attack of animals then the state government will provide INR 8 Lakh compensation.
  2. If the farmer is injured in animal attack then the government will provide compensation of INR 15000.
  3. If the crop has been destroyed by the animals then the state government will provide 50% or 40% of the compensation .For example- If animal destroy the crop of INR 2000 then the farmer will get INR 1000 compensation and if the crop destroyed by the animals is of INR 1000 then the compensation provided by the government is INR 8000.The compensation is totally depend upon the type of crop destroyed.
  4. The compensation provided by the state government for the destruction of Sugarcane crop is INR 800 per metric ton.
  5. INR 4800 compensation has been given by government for the destruction of one coconut trees.
  6. For the destruction of Supari crop the compensation provided by government is INR 2800.
  7. For the destruction of Mango trees the compensation provided is INR 3600.

Eligibility Criteria to Fill Nuksan Bharpai Form

  1. The farmer should belong to poor and weaker section of the state.
  2. Those farmers covered under this scheme whose agriculture crop damaged due to act of god like flood, rain etc.
  3. Only those farmers are eligible under this scheme that belongs to India and most of the income of the farmer is coming from farming.
  4. No age limit prescribed under this scheme, every age group farmer of country is eligible under PIK Nuksaan Vima Yojna.

jyotirao phule karj mafi list

Documents needed under scheme:-

  1.  Aadhar card of the applicant
  2. Recent passport size photo
  3. Passbook of saving account of applicant with his name as the compensation amount will be trasfered to the bank account of farmer.
  4. Residential proof of the farmer to ensure that the framer is from Maharashtra.
  5. Proof of land owned by applicant. Land papers.
  6. Copy of Jamabandi of land.
  7. Picks of the destroyed crop.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form pdf Download

  1. The farmer has to visit the official website  -krishi.maharashtra.gov.in
  2. Registered yourself by creating user id and password.
  3. Click on the option of PIK Nuksan Bharpai Form and fill the form by the information required by it.
  4. No upload important documents like land papers, identity proof, Pictures of crop destroyed etc.
  5. Click on submit button. 

So ultimately this scheme applicable on those farmers crop affected by Act of God like tsunami, flood, extra rain and famine etc. The farmer should be resident of Maharashtra and only run his livelihood by farming. This scheme will help to decrease the rate of suicide by farmers and help them to live good life.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai List 2020 Yadi | Status

To Download PIK Nuksan Bharpai List / Yadi for Year 2020, The complete process is mentioned step by step Below.We hope that you will follow these steps to download the Beneficiary List / Yadi.

In the Inintail Step you need to visit the Offcial Portal of Departmet of Agriculture Gverment of Maharastra.

On the Home Page Find Out the Section “Pradhanmantri Pik Vima Yojana”.

Click on this link and you will redirected to a New Page. On this Page all the announcements will be listed those are related to PIK Vima Yojana.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai List
PIK Nuksan Bharpai List

Find Your District Name and Download the PIK Nuksan Bharpai List 2020 – 21.

This List is Pdf Dormant so assure that you have a pdf reader to open this File. For eg. PIK Vima List for Aurangabad District.

महाराष्ट्र सरकार की योजना

Some important questions:

Q1. Who is eligible for this PIK Vima Nuksan Bharapi yojna?

Ans. Only the farmers of Maharashtra of poor and weaker section is eligible for this scheme.

Q2:- How much amount did farmer get in this scheme?

Ans. It totally depends upon the type of crop destroyed and by what reason. The state govt. will provide 100% of compensation.

Q3:- Can a farmer get compensation if the crop is destroyed by fire?

Ans. No,the compensation is only given if the crop is destroyed only by natural disasters.  

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