[Eligibility] One Family One House Scheme 2020 Application pdf

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State government of Maharashtra has revised the eligibility criteria for the housing schemes of the State. Now, the eligibility is been changed to “One Family One House”. The changes in the eligibility criteria is been made after the Bombay High Court order aftermath. After this new rule, the person will be eligible to get the government flats only if, person immediate family does not have any other allotted house.

One Family One House Scheme Maharashtra
One Family One House Scheme Maharashtra

If person family has previously been allotted with flat/house, anywhere in the State of Maharashtra, he/she will be not eligible for the house. In year 2018, Bombay High Court declared that another house will not be allotted to any person if he/she, already have one previously allotted house, under housing schemes of government. Thus, after this One Family One House Scheme 2020 comes into the existence.

Under this new scheme, one family will only be eligible for 1 house under Maharashtra Housing Scheme. This “One Family One House” rule is applicable for everyone. That includes any Bureaucrat or Judge. This order of High Court is been made, after the challenge from society, came about High Court judges who got houses in Mumbai suburbs. Now, this rule will be implemented in all over the Maharashtra.

Maharashtra One Family One House Scheme 2020

Before this scheme or policy, the restriction on second house was only available in same district. Thus, many bureaucrats and politicians took advantage of this policy and get houses on various location in Maharashtra. To tackle this problem the housing schemes department of Maharashtra has now declared this new policy. After this person will be now eligible for only one house in entire State under govt. Schemes.

Maharashtra cabinet committee will talk about this new policy in few weeks. But according to the sources it is expected that this “One Family One House Scheme” will get the approval from cabinet committee. After High Court order State government of Maharashtra is already bound to clear this policy and implement it as well. The formalities of official declaration of this scheme will be made very soon.

One Family One House
One Family One House Scheme

The rules will stay same for this scheme. The immediate family which includes wife/husband and children will not get second house. Only the eligible people will get house under govt. Housing schemes. It has not been cleared yet, whether this scheme is applicable for free-housing rehabilitation scheme or not. For this matter, State government is looking for advice from law department.

As, of now, State government provides free house rehabilitation in place of land. Also the builders of the house gets free house because of this. In this article every important aspects of this scheme will be discussed. How the implementation of this process will take place. What are the eligibility criteria of this scheme? And scheme application form details etc. All these information are available in the article below.

एक परिवार एक घर योजना 2020 महाराष्ट्र

Name of Scheme One Family One House Scheme
Launched In State Maharashtra
Scheme Objective To Ensure Everyone Get one family gets only one house in State.
Who Declared This Policy Bombay High Court
Why Does This Scheme Been Launched To protect houses under government housing  schemes  for needy people
Scheme Approved On The approval will be made by cabinet committee in few weeks
Scheme Type State Government Housing Scheme Policy
This Decision Is made After Challenge by Society in High Court Against High court Judges who got houses in Mumbai Suburbs.

Those people who are permanent resident of Maharashtra State or lives in the State this scheme is for them. Every person wants to get their own house. But in State like Maharashtra and especially in its city, it is not an easy task. As, the prices of the land and houses are very high. Thus, State government has made various housing authorities which builds and distribute houses at low price. it includes MHADA Lottery and CIDCO Lottery 2020.

Under CIDCO the distribution process is under way. As the registration process has already been started for this year. But most of the time people with high ranks get houses under these schemes. They get two or more houses with the help of these schemes. Thus, this new scheme is been launched with this scheme every family will get only one house under the scheme in whole State. This includes politicians, judges and bureaucrats.  

One Family One House Scheme Eligibility

  1. Benefit of Housing Schemes run by State government will be provided only to permanent resident of Maharashtra State.
  2. In the entire State of Maharashtra, one person is eligible to get only one house under State housing Schemes. One a person has house on his/her name in anywhere in State, under housing scheme; he/she will not be eligible for another.
  3. If person immediate family has house under their name under housing scheme, this includes wife/husband or children he/she will not be eligible for this scheme.
  4. This scheme is for everyone that includes judges, politicians and even bureaucrats.
  5. Under this scheme, whole family is eligible to get only one house through government housing schemes.
  6. Before this scheme, the restriction was only for same district. But now it is all over the State.

One Person One Flat Scheme Benefit

  1. This policy will be considered as great policy which was ordered by the Bombay High Court.
  2. Once the implementation of this scheme will start one family will be eligible for only house in the entire State.
  3. Chances of the people to get their own house will increase.
  4. Corruption in the distribution of the houses will decrease.
  5. Poor families will get the higher chances to get houses under government housing scheme.
  6. Only eligible beneficiaries will get the housing scheme under new launched policy.

One Family One House Scheme 2020 Maharashtra Application pdf

This scheme is still under cabinet committee approval. High Court has already ordered about the scheme. Now, in next few weeks the cabinet will also approve this scheme. After this the official website for this scheme will be launched. As of now no such information is available for the scheme. As soon as any further updates, about the scheme comes out, we will update it here for you. Thus, you need to stay tuned with us for its latest information. For this you can bookmark this page.

That is everything about One family One House Scheme 2020 till now. For any query about the scheme you can write us through comment box. Also, do like and share us on Facebook.