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Hello everyone. Today we will here to discuss about AP Brahmin Corporation Kasyapa Scheme. This game is specially for Andhra Pradesh brahmin family. This scheme is work under the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin welfare Corporation that is also known as ABC Limited. State government introduced Kasyapa Scheme for food and shelter especially for the underprivileged brahmins.

AP Brahmin Corporation Kasyapa Scheme

The main objective of AP Brahmin Corporation Kasyapa Scheme 2020 is to provide monthly stipend or we call it as a monthly pension. Under the scheme 2000 rupees monthly will be given to the offer children those between live in Andhra Pradesh state. With this different abled, widow womens. Other than that Elderly person will get 4000 rupees per month as a pension those are already living in old age homes.

These all selection will be taken by the designated process. The main objective of AP Kasyapa Scheme is to help all the poor children, old age Brahmin widow womens and differently disable as well as destitute women. This help will be provided as a financial support so they will do their daily expenses and get proper food and shelter. This scheme is already covering 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Bharati scheme for brahmins

Kasyapa Scheme Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria which is required to get benefit of Andhra Pradesh Kasyapa Scheme. We already make a list of all the necessary details that you need to fulfill before registration. In case you cannot feel any Eligibility requirement work does any discrepancy in the application form then your form will be rejected by the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin welfare Corporation.

  1. Only Andhra Pradesh permanent resident are allowed to apply for this scheme.
  2. Only Brahmin community will take benefit of this scheme.
  3. White ration card holders and family that income is below 75000 nearly are eligible for this scheme.
  4. Orphan children having age of below 14 years till 31st of January 2019 are eligible.
  5. In case of elder person their age should be above 60 year till 31st January 2019 required. For differently abled and widows/Destitute have no age restrictions.
  6. If you are already take benefit of any government scheme from the same purpose then you are not eligible to take benefit.

Andhra Pradesh State Schemes

Kasyapa Scheme Required documents

  1. Applicant passport size photograph
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Caste certificate issued by government authority
  4. White ration card or income certificate issued by any government authority.
  5. Bank account passbook copy scans.
  6. In case of old age for elder person is certificate of old age is required.
  7. In case of widow women husband death certificate is required.
  8. Divorced women required legal document.
  9. In case of women separated from his husband a certificate from director / DELO/ MCA lo of the corporation for member of the AP Brahmin Cooperative credit society is required.

jagananna vidya deevena List

Kashyapa scheme for brahmins Benefit amount

2000 rupees monthly For orphan children age below 14 years.
2000 rupees monthly For elderly or old age person whose age is above 60 years.
2000 rupees monthly pension For different abled person.
2000 rupees monthly pension For widow and Destitute Women.
2000 rupees monthly pensionFor elder person of age above 60 years and stay in old age home in Andhra Pradesh and also getting pension under YSR pension scheme.
4000 rupees monthly pension For elder person whose age is above 60 and currently staying in old age home in Andhra Pradesh state.

Kasyapa Scheme 2020 Registration

The registration is must required for AP Brahmin Corporation Kasyapa Scheme. Registration process is very simple and you need to visit the official website only. The steps are given below please follow them.

In the first step you need to visit the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin welfare Corporation official website.

Official portal is:- http://andhrabrahmin.ap.gov.in/

Homepage move your cursor to the services section. It then click on the schemes link.

Now all the government schemes which are currently running for brahmin category is available on this page. These schemes are mentioned below…

  1. Vedavyasa Scheme (provide full time Vedic education).
  2. Gayanthi scheme (recognise topper of the school or college).
  3. Bharati Scheme (encourage Brahmin students for education).
  4. Vasishta Scheme (encourage Brahmin students to success in competitive exams coaching and guidance).
  5. Dronacharya scheme (skill Development Scheme from Brahmin youth).
  6. Chanakya scheme (economically weak Brahmin encouragement for entrepreneur shut up).
  7. Kalyanamastu Pathakam (encourage Vedic culture in which bride who is married to a Brahmin boy).
  8. Kasyapa Scheme (for Poor Orphan students / differently abled/Widows/ elderly brahmins of Andhra Pradesh).

These are the most important schemes that are specially running from Brahmin community.

So when you reach on the kashyapa scheme here you will find registration link ok, rescan and upload document link, filled in application link and life certificate link.

You need to click on the registration link.

Then application form will be open on your screen fill the all necessary details and submit your application form.

At the time of registration also upload the scanned copy of all the necessary documents that will be required.

Amma Vodi Beneficiary List

Kasyapa Scheme Status

  • To check out the status again you need to visit the official portal http://andhrabrahmin.ap.gov.in/
  • In this page when you scroll your cursor on services section click on the know your status link.
  • When you reach on the status page you need to select the option, from which you want to search your your status.
Kasyapa Scheme Status
  • The first option is with reference number, mobile number and Aadhaar number.
  • Choose one of the option and then select financial year, criteria number and then fill date of birth.
  • Then click on the first button.

ysr kapu nestam

Kasyapa scheme life certificate upload

  • Again Visit the Scheme page of this scheme. And Find out the “Kashyapa Scheme”.
  • Now click on the Life Certificate link.
  • you can visit directly visit here:- http://andhrabrahmin.ap.gov.in/kashyapa/she_life.aspx.
Kasyapa Scheme life certificate
  • Now Next page is open.
  • For Life certificate enter your reference number and Date of Birth.
  • Then click on the Fetch button.