YSR Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400

AP Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400 Toll Free Complaint Number

AP Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400 | Jagan Anti Corruption Toll Free Complaint Number | YSR Citizen Toll Free Call Center

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced AP Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400. This Scheme is basically introduced by CM in Andhra Pradesh to take control on corruption. This toll free number that is 14400 will be toll free number. This Number is now available to the citizen of Andhra Pradesh on Monday 25th of November.

New CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is one of the CM Witch launch huge numbers of Schemes after the formation of Government. This AP Anti Corruption Helpline will help public to make a Good connection with Government departments.

Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline

Before election in Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan announced, if there government will come in power they will take hard action on corruption. There are many government sections, in which corruption rate is very high. Most of the Government officers are using bribe to do any work. This is their duty, but they didn’t do their duty properly. So to tackle this type of peoples in Andhra Pradesh Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400 in released.

According to official news, anyone file a complaint on this helpline. CM Kept his promise with is he says before election. On the launch date of Jagan Anti Corruption Toll free number, cm do the first call and check the status of this call center.

Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline

CM orders to the officials that, anyone who does complaint, you have to take action with in15 days. Take immediate action and investigate this complaint within 15 days. He also released poster of Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline. With CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy AP Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department minister Botsa Satyanarayana and Andhra Pradesh DGP Gautam Sawang with Anticorruption Bureau Officials also present in this event.

YSR Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline 14400 Toll Free Complaint Number

The Jagananna Anti Corruption Helpline 14400 is a Citizen Help center also. You just need to call on this number to register your compliant. For this one call attendant will receive you call. Then you need to do information about the corruption held with you or any one is doing corruption. Then the call attendant will ask you some questions regarding your complaint. You need to give answer them correct and properly.

Then at the end you need to give your basic details which are attended by the call attendant. Now you complaint is filed and within 15 days, there is some action will be held on your complaint. This is totally a transparent system with is started by CM Jagan Mohan. With the help of this helpline, any one from Andhra Pradesh register a Complaint of any one is doing corruption.

Andhra Pradesh Anti Corruption Helpline 14400

The main slogan of Jagan Anti Corruption Helpline is Lets Join hands to eradicate corruption. Government releases a Poster in Telugu and English both the languages. So every citizen, in state will understand. This Jagan Anti Corruption call center makes collaboration with Anti Corruption Bureau and IIM Ahmadabad Gujarat. IIM-A Will give report to the government and it will be issued every by government in February 2020.

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