About Us

About Us

First thing that people need to know about this website, that this is unofficial website. https://www.rajyayojana.in is a website build for informative purposes only. In this website people will get all the information about State and Central Government schemes such as dates and process, registration process, etc. This website will also provide the information about the government schemes in both Hindi and English language. We will also try to help people with the other important information about India. Even some times people might get the trending topics in our website. We will try to help people in applying for various government launched schemes or Yojana.

The Core Team

About Us
About Us

We have three people, who works day and night to make this website better and more informative for you. 

  • Raman – Handles Technical Works
  • Nitish – The Thinker
  • Rajneesh – The Originator

All of us work really hard to provide you the best service. Our goal is to provide every single information about the scheme launched by the government of your State or Country. Many people do not know that how to apply for scheme and how to register online for the scheme and even the dates of applying and registration. Thus we aim to help such people. We want people to be satisfied once they enter into our website and get whatever they are looking. Details about the schemes released by the central government of India or any other State government will be provided by us in this website. To contact us people can check the “Contact Us” page. There people can ask any question they have in mind. We are more than happy to help, as this is our main purpose of launching this website.

Our Commitment To Data Security

Guys our advice is that please do not share personal information in this website. But even if anyone send his/her personal information in this website, we will try our best to keep it protected.

Our Story

As you must all know that India is a big country. It has many States and Union Territories. India is also a developing country. Many people in our country are still poor, and are facing various problems thus, Government tries their best to help people. Both State & Central government and even UT govt. thus launch various welfare scheme for the people. As stated earlier many people want to wants to benefit of these scheme, but most of them do not know how to do that. Thus we thought to help such people & made this website. Such people will get the every information about how to take the benefit of the scheme, what are the eligibility criteria of scheme and other important information in this website. The main goal of this website is to help people by providing them information about the government schemes so that can take benefit of it. That is all about this website.